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Stress-free Eyes In a Stressful World

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Lockdown, working from home, the boss pestering you till late and 28-hour weekends morphing into 36-hour fortnite marathons! That’s our life, our new crazy reality. If only we could sleep through the entire workweek. Wouldn’t it be great to get some shut-eye like grizzly bears and Sleeping Beauty while artificial intelligence completed our assignments and kept our social media accounts fresh and topical? Imagine curling up in a sleeping pod and setting the alarm to go off on the great day when Elon Musk has figured it out and AI allows us to just chill.

Unfortunately, that reality is still a few decades away. In the meantime, we stare at our screens for a lot more than we used to and no one warned us about the dangers of hiding in this new and forced habit.

We were made to roam outside. Our souls love being amongst greenery and our eyes love focusing on different depths and textures, they need the variety that the great outdoors has to offer. Our eyes were certainly not made for the indoors and to stare at a screen with its lack of depth and its monotonous texture for hours on end. Coupled with the stress of the lockdown, the workload piling up and the pressure of social media it’s no wonder we look like the Joker in The Dark Night. Most of us were spending too many hours in the day on our devices, now with the new normal we’ve taken it to new levels and are really in danger of developing computer vision syndrome with the eyestrain, headaches and dry eyes that accompanies it.

More and more, our eyes are thrust onto the front lines and few of us are prepared for the fight. Soldiers go through basic training before they go to war; our peepers feel like civilians thrown into the trenches on the first day of an alien invasion. There are a few options available to remedy the problem; we can throw all our devices away and move to a shed in the woods, we can wander around the house with cucumber or tomato on our eyes, assuming you have the time and patience to go through the hassle. A smarter option is to use a cooling gel eye mask to rejuvenate and spruce up the sparkle in our eyes. It’s less hassle, a lot easier to use and way more effective, they last for months. It’s a no brainer, really.

In these crazy times, we live in, our eyes are in need of additional love. They require that something extra give them that extra oomph. Looking like the Joker and feeling like the Joker is not a joke! Pluck those eyes from the abyss and take your eye health to new heights of comfort. The GoJaiv Eye Mask is an innovative, patent-pending cooling eye mask that is packed with 100% organic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Papaya Extract, Rose Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Tomato Powder, Cucumber Powder, Potato Extract. This eye mask not only provides relaxation to your eyes but also helps reduce dark circles and wrinkles.

Go for it, You deserve it!

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Siddhartha Reddy
Siddhartha Reddy
May 04, 2021

The article neatly captures the current state, these days we are all spending more time in- front of laptops, mobiles, TV etc, this product looks promising, placing an order right away

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