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GoJaiv Gel Eye Mask

A cooling eye mask like no other

The GoJaiv eye mask is an innovative cooling mask made of advanced materials and premium organic ingredients. It provides deep relaxation to your eyes

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What Makes GoJaiv Eye Mask Special

Why GoJaiv?
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Homemade Natural Soap

Premium Ingredients Inside

The gel is made of pure organic ingredients hand picked to give you the best that the nature can offer


Stress Buster

Relieves dry eyes, reduces eye strain and Puffiness

Get the glow

Helps brighten skin, remove dark circles and prevent wrinkles

Eye Spa at Home

Has a soothing and aromatic effect


Designed for regular usage of up to 12 months

Customer Reviews

I have been a regular user of various cooling gel eye masks for the past 1 year, however, GoJaiv eye mask is entirely different. Now, I not only get the cooling effect for my eyes but I have seen a visible reduction in dark circles and the under-eye area has brightened up. Thank you GoJiav

I'm an IT employee who spends the majority of the time in front of a screen due to which my eyes get strained. I use GoJaiv eye mask to get instant relief for my eyes

Priyanka A

Rohit Sharma

Cutomer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gel made of ?

The gel inside is made of pure organic ingredients - 
Aloe Vera Gel, Papaya Extract, Caffeine, Rose Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Tomato Powder, Cucumber Powder
Potato Extract

Does it have the same effect as direct application?

Obviously not considering it’s a reusable product, however, you will definitely see a visible impact of the ingredients used inside.  100% money back if you are not satisfied

Is it safe to use?

The GoJaiv Eye Mask is designed for safe daily use. The gel is made of 100% pure organic ingredients and the outer layer is made from a medical-grade material to keep you all safe



About Us

We at GoJaiv believe in pushing the envelope when it comes to creating products that have a lasting impact on your daily life
This eye mask is a result of a beautiful marriage of advanced material science and the magic of natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients
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