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GoJaiv Cooling Eye Mask


Made of advanced materials.

Super soft feel on skin.


Adjustable Elastic

For Maximum Comfort

Premium Ingredients.

The best that nature can offer


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Got a sneak peek, here are my superpowers

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I help Relieve Stress, Dry Eyes and Puffiness


I help Brighten Skin, Remove Dark Circles and Prevent Wrinkles

The Fine Aroma of Lavender, You Would Love This

My powers last for 6-8 months- full value for money

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They are adorable-my fans

Everybody needs me

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Aleo vera Gel

Contains antioxidants, helps reduce puffiness and improves circulation


Papaya Extract

Helps nourish the skin and reduce the dark circles

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Potato Extract

Rejuvenates tired eyes, helps brighten the skin tone

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How I gained my superpowers

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Rose Water

Helps to reduce Eye Strain

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Tomato powder

Great source of antioxidants,

helps reduce dark circles


Rich in Vitamin C,

helps soothe your eyes

Lavender Essential Oil

Most versatile essential oil known for it's aromatic and calming properties 

Meet You Soon

Just Rs 3.5 per day

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GoJaiv Eye Mask is designed for safe daily use. The gel is made of 100% pure organic ingredients and the outer layer is made from a medical-grade material to keep you all safe

Is it safe to use?

The GoJaiv eye mask can be used regularly for 6-8 months if kept refrigerated.

How long can the eye mask be used?

The gel inside is made of pure organic ingredients - 
Aloe Vera Gel, Papaya Extract, Caffeine, Rose Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Tomato Powder, Cucumber Powder
Potato Extract

What is the gel made of ?

How is GoJaiv Eye Mask different from the other eye masks?

The GoJaiv eye mask is an innovative, patent-pending eye mask which is built to give you the benefits of the ingredients inside as a convenient and re-usable solution. So it not only provides a cooling effect but you also get all the benefits of the premium gel formulation

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